Port Protection

Port Protection has been a place to pull in and sit it out in the wild weather which occurs frequently in Sumner Straits, an entrance from open waters into the more protected waters of the inside passage. 
When George Vancouver was exploring these waters in 1793 He had to anchor his sailing ship, the HMS Discovery, in our protected little cove on the northernmost tip of Prince of Wales Island. He declared this cove a Safe Harbor in his log book which later became known as Port Protection. 
This is an etching of the HMS Discovery I did on black Scratchboard which was created for a wearable design to print on shirts and hoodies to be sold for funding our Port Protection Solstice Festival.
The Solstice Music and Arts Festival Productions was started back in 2011 and is a non-profit organization for funding music and art interests in our small community.

* The order window for Port Protection Apparel will be open until June 30th. Once the window closes, the hoodie will be ordered and printed within two weeks. You can expect shipment of your order on or around July 15th.